Sailor Moon Princess Serenity Wedding Dress

Fitting First

Our customer Amy commissioned us to design & create her Princess Serenity Inspired Bridal Gown for her Wedding Day. Before we added any of the details to the top of her gown we wanted to make sure the fit was perfect. She drove all the way from San Francisco to LA with her mom for her fitting!

We sketched the design for the bodice and mapped out where each bead would be sewn. After drafting the applique pattern it was drawn on silk organza for the tambour frame.

The color story of her gown is ivory, warm silver, milky pearl, and champagne gold. If you’re a big Sailor Moon fan you probably already know that Princess Serenity’s dress is inspired by the “Palladium Gown” in Christian Dior’s, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1992 collection. In our rendition, we pulled from all our favorite parts of the Sailor Moon lexicon. The classic 90’s anime, the new Sailor Moon: Crystal anime, the manga, and a little Greek classical architecture.


Over 170 hours of beading work went into the appliques for the top of the gown. We incorporated the design of her crown with the pink heart gem to the underbust. After the appliques were completed they were cut from the tambour frame, set with fabric glue then hand-stitched to the dress. The larger pearls were then stitched between the appliques.


The long U shapes on the bust are from the 2014 Sailor Moon: Crystal anime, I feel like they really lengthen the torso. Right above the skirt, we created a padded belt with angled beadwork similar to the design on Dior’s Palladium Gown. It’s also made of the same gold material as the cape to tie it back into the overall design.


The butterfly bow trails at the back with long cascading ribbons like the manga. Her high-low overskirt and underskirt have a lettuce hem like the 90’s anime.


Serenity wears off-the-shoulder sleeves and sometimes a cape. Combining those elements we created shoulder armor, connected with pearls and crescent moon details. We gave the metal shoulder armor an iridescent moon glow by painting them with FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze Paint.


Her cape is made of gold liquid chiffon, it looks like a fabric from the moon kingdom! The anthacus leaf decorates her shoulder armor just like the capital of an ancient Greek column.


The Big Day! Amy shared her beautiful wedding photos with us looking like absolute royalty! Congratulations to the Happy Newlyweds <3