How to Wear Your Bow Wings

There are 3 ways to wear your Bow Wings:

  1. Floating on skin; use your personal favorite body tape or duct tape and simply tape the magnet in between your shoulder blades at a vertical angle. Clip your wings on.
  2. Floating on a form-fitted top or bra; simply put the magnet on the inside of your bra or top then clip the wings on. When wearing thicker garments like jackets or sweatshirts, you may need 2 magnets. In this case put one magnet on the inside of your garmet and the second on the metal plate of your wings.
  3. Tucked into a corset; there is no need for a magnet with a form fitted corset, just nestle the wing plate into the back of the corset in between the shoulder blades.

    **Duct tape is not included as we like to give our customers the option to use what is best for their skin. We do not recommend using both magnets without fabric in between them because they are very strong.