Centennial Gown for The Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

The Biltmore Hotel celebrated its 100th anniversary and partnered with Firefly Path to design and create a gown that embodied the grandeur of this historic LA landmark. To get us inspired, they gave us a private tour and told us about the rich history of the hotel. They also gifted us this lovely centennial tea cup and saucer that inspired the color pallet of the gown.

Over 250 hours of craftsmanship went into creating the Centennial Biltmore Gown.

For the train, custom embroidery embellished with glass gems, and sequins echo the motifs found on the crystal ballroom ceiling and carpet. 100 freshwater pearls are sewn throughout the lace to commemorate the 100th anniversary. 

We randomly sewed strands of beads throughout the gathered mesh to look like tiny bubbles of champagne. The beaded trim is handmade in a geometric pattern with matching beads then handsewn to the neckline and trims the bottom of the ruched bodice overlay. 

The Biltmore Angel is an Iconic part of the Biltmore. 3D artist Garrett Robles designed replicas of the angel wings. He printed them in resin, covered them in gold leaf, and attached them to the hips of the gown. 

Thank you Biltmore for this incredible opportunity. The Biltmore Centennial Gown will be on display alongside the original Biltmore gown created 100 years ago in the halls of this incredible historic hotel.  

Learn more about the original Biltmore Gown created 100 year ago in this in-depth article on Curbed LA


Produced for  - The Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles 
Art Direction  - Sunweaver Creative
Model  - Victoria Summer
Gown  - Firefly Path
3D Artist:  - Garrett Hallows
Hair Makeup  - Samantha Michael
Photographer  - Elizabeth Elder
Lighting  - Griffin Sendek